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“Gym Man Management Software” is developed for everybody who runs a gym. Before doing anything we did a study on major difficulties for gym owners. We examined carefully about how to make so many registering system without failure as well as other features .The aim of proposed system is to develop system of improved facilities. “The proposed system can overcome all limitations of the existing system.”

We Provide cloud hosting service that can automatically scale any web application in real-time, to meet the needs of your project. Our Cloud hosting is 100% scalable and cost-effective, ensuring you pay for only what you use.

  • The main goal of software is to enhance and upgrade the existing system by increasing its productive and capability.
  • It automates each and every action of the laboring system and increases its output.
  • Maintenance cost is also reduced.
  • Make the present manual system more interactive, quick and user friendly.
  • The transaction document of the system can be retried as and when required.
  • The Gym Man Management Software provides the users a fast response with very accurate information regarding the users etc.
  • Product and component based.
  • Simple status resolution.
  • Multi –level priorities and severities.
  • Protecting Your Data Is Our Highest Priority

Secured data centers
Proactive approach with detailed visibility

Automated backups
This allows for recovery of information in case of system crash.

Gym Man uses a 128-bit key to encrypt and decrypt data or files

Role based access control
Allows assigning permissions to users based on their role within your organization.

Factor authentication
This is an extra layer of security that provides different authentication factors for verifications

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