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Spot.Me ( Mobile Attendance Application )

What is Spot Me?

Spot Me app is about to track attendance and real time live location of your field employee.

Can be used for

Spot Me can be used for many businesses like Marketing Executives, Medical Executives, Service Providers, Maintenance Executives, Financial Sectors


Uses of Spot Me

Check in history
Monitoring the field employees check in and out along with online/offline status and attendance report

Live Location Tracking
Tracking the field employees live location and location history along with distance travelled

Admin Management

Admin tracks employees active or inactive status and also create edit or delete the employees, attendance and have complete access of notification and reports


Dashboard is an overview of admin panel where admin can monitor employees check in/out, online, offline, absent information of every field employee in real time and downloaded by admin in copy,excel,csv,pdf formats

Live location

Google Map is used to track the employees live location with help of gps tracker

Location History

Admin tracks the location history of employees by username , date and by the map mode.

Attendance report

Admin checks the attendance periodically and generates the reports with username and date range.


Users are only accessed by admin. To create a new user first click on the add user and enter all the fields. Device id has to be filled in the actions menu.and also can be edited or be deleted in actions menu.


Notifications are the Messages which are sent by the admin to notify the employees with the title and message. To send a notification click add notification and enter the fields as user name, title, message


Report gives list of employees attendance and location which can be downloaded with date range

Mobile App

Step 1
To login into spot me mobile app first download app from google play store and open the app

Step 2
To login enter the username and password and then it shows the dashboard of spot me mobile app

Step 3
Tap check-in button and enter the location to check in

Step 4
Attendance history updates at admin and the user with current time, date and location

Step 5
To check the notification which is sent by admin tap on the bell icon to display all the notifications with title and message

Step 6
To check out tap on the check out button and enter the location and tap on punch out to check out completely

Step 7
To logout of the device tap on the power button to log out of the device completely

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