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Vizter Management System

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Vizter (Visitor Management System)

Go beyond visitor management with Vizter, strengthen your premise security by accurately managing your visitors. Self-serviced Visitor Check-in App, highly customized to support all your information needs. Offer your guests a modernized experience with our vizter sign-in software for iPad & android devices.

Check - in

Smoothen your guest's arrival through digitized self -check in from the kiosk . Make the process of self check-in shift from messy paper work to an organized digital framework. As a smart visitor management system, Viziter streamlines the check-in process by capturing our face detection technology uses next -gen, sending instant visitor notifications, and collecting signatures all in a few taps on the screen. Integral check-in from employees to visitors, eliminating the hectic administration . Send invites to your visitors prior to their visit to your premises.

Some of cool Features of visitors management software

Self Service Kioss
DIY tablets enable visitors to register themselves without having to wait for the receptionist.

Self Service Kioss
Vizter eliminates the desktop work from visitor registration system leading to faster check in.

Verify Mobile Number
OTP based mobile number verification make sure that the mobile numbers being captured are authentic.

Capture Pictures
Vizter terminals enable you to catch photo of your visitors and store them securely with the visitor data in the Vizter cloud.

Print Badges
Vizter supports label printer for printing customized badges for your visitors.

Self Service Kioss
Customize the details you want your visitors to furnish through the custom fields feature.

Custom Fields
Vizter visitor management system are customizable to reflect your brand identity and create a positive first impression on your visitors.

Your Branding and Theme
DIY tablets enable visitors to register themselves without having to wait for the receptionist.

Host Notifications
Instant SMS based notifications for the hosts when their visitors arrive and register themselves at the Vizter terminal.

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